On 24-26 March 2021, the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova, in collaboration with the European University Continuing Education Network (EUCEN), Belgium, organized the 2nd National Country Workshop within the ERASMUS + project, COMPASS (online), focused on promoting the culture of Lifelong Learning (LLL) in Moldova, but also on strengthening the capacities of Moldovan universities in developing LLL services. During the event, international experts shared the experiences of European universities in topics of major importance for the development of LLL:

24th of March: the topic addressed - the experience of validation by European universities of knowledge gained by beneficiaries through non-formal and informal learning, but also the presentation of measures taken by MECCRM to make possible the validation of knowledge in the educational system of the Republic of Moldova.

Speakers: Ala LUCA, Doina USACI, MECCRM, Moldova;

Jon TALBOT, Lecturer University of Chester, UK;

Deirdre GOGGIN, Professor and Researcher at Munster Technological University, Ireland.

25th of March: Topics addressed - LLL services provided to beneficiaries by European universities:

Speakers: Katrin MANNIK, director of the Open Academy, Tallinn University, Estonia;

Juan Carlos RODRÍGUEZ, Director of the Postgraduate Development Center, Carlos III University of Madrid, Spain.

26th of March: the topic addressed - digital tools used in the development of courses in the context of online education, the experience of European universities, and those of the Republic of Moldova. The session also presented the results of the survey "Online tools used by academics in the development of educational content", conducted by ASEM on a sample of 211 professors from 9 universities and Moldova.


Tatiana BUCOS, Associate Professor, ASEM, Moldova;

Ana DIAS, head of the e-learning department at the University of Minho, Portugal ;

Ahidoba DE FRANCHI, Head of the Department of Quality in Continuing and Distance Education, at the University of Geneva, Switzerland.

Every working day of the workshop, debate sessions were organized, during which Moldovan professors identified the possibilities of applying the practices of European universities in Moldova. The workshop was attended by over 100 professors from 10 universities in Moldova.


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