Objectives and main outputs



    1. OB1: To promote and strengthen the LLL culture in Moldova and to build national consensus of the key-actors on the development issues by Nov, 2021.
    2. OB2: To develop and advance a national legislative framework and stimulate regulatory changes on LLL in Moldova by Nov, 2020
    3. OB3: To build up the university’s integrative function in Moldova through developing the integrated university LLL strategies by Nov, 2020.
    4. OB4: To enhance the university’s institutional capacities in Moldova for efficient and effective implementation of LLL reform by Nov, 2021.


    1. National Policy Roadmap on LLL;
    2. Regulations on Validation of prior learning, including non-formal and formal;
    3. Regulation on application of the existing ECTS tools and procedures to LLL;
    4. Regulation for the continuing education of academic staff;
    5. University LLL strategies;
    6. Guidelines / bylaws on ULLL;
    7. Development of new ULLL services;
    8. Development of new ULLL courses.
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