Study visit to the University of Genoa, Italy, September 13-15, 2022

Between September 13-15, as part of the COMPASS project, a study visit to the University of Genoa (UniGE), Italy was realised and attended by representatives of 6 universities from the Republic of Moldova (ASEM, AMTAP, USEFS, UPSC, TCUM, KDU). 

During the study visit, the participants got to know relevant topics about the implementation of the lifelong learning university model (LLL) at the University of Genova. The presentations developed by experts from Italy were focused on current topics, such as: the role and benefits of continuing education, useful quality assurance practices, innovation and digitization in the university environment, education courses for teaching staff, etc.

The representatives of the Moldovan universities presented the strategies for implementing the lifelong learning university model in each university, respectively, and discussed the importance of the visibility activities of the results obtained within the COMPASS project.

At the same time, during the study visit, the partners had a management session where the activity report and the financial report were presented, from the point of view of the requirements for institutional reports.

Following this exchange of information, an increased awareness of the role of lifelong learning was ensured based on the experiences gained during the study visit, a fact that subsequently significantly contributed to the process of deeper integration of the university lifelong learning model of in the Republic Moldova.