Between June 6-10, 2022, the project's team, professors from universities in the Republic of Moldova and representatives of the Ministry participated in the study visit to the University of Brest, France. 

The participants of the study visit got acquainted with the experience of the University of Brest in the field of Lifelong Learning (ULLL), the French legal framework in the field of ULLL, but also the legislation and experience in the field of validation of knowledge and professional skills based on non-formal education and of professional experience. The participants of the event visited the university structures responsible for organizing continuous training and validating professional skills within the University of Brest, but also important structures from the educational ecosystem of the University of Brest, such as Open Factory (responsible for supporting startups) and the University Simulation Center in the field of medicine.

At the same time, during the study visit, the legislative transformations in the Republic of Moldova in the field of ULLL were presented, as well as the results obtained by the universities in Moldova in the field of implementing the concept of continuous university training during the implementation of the COMPASS project.

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